As believers navigating the digital realm, Dr. Day offers invaluable insights and strategies to foster spiritual growth alongside academic excellence. Remotely Close will help anyone seeking to integrate faith into their online learning journey.

Sam Rodriguez

Best-selling Author, Film Producer, & Lead Pastor
President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference


This book is a crucial resource for any Christian College or University. Dr. Day’s practical and engaging writing style brings this relevant study to life.                                                     

Dr. Kent Ingle

President of Southeastern University

Remotely Close is the ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ of online education…A must read for everyone looking to improve online student engagement and professional satisfaction.

Scott Wilson

Author, Pastor, and

President of Ready, Set, Grow


I commend Dr. Day's efforts to provide current data that interfaces with the larger theological questions that should be placed before anyone whose vocation is to develop Spirit-empowered leaders for the 21st-century Church.                                                                                           

Dr. Byron Klaus                                                                                                                     

Board of Directors at In Trust Center for Theological Schools

Co-Editor of The Globalization of Pentecostalism                                                                

Past President of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

Dr. Daniel Day's Remotely Close is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for educators navigating the realm of online learning within a Christian context. With clarity and insight, Dr. Day offers practical strategies and thoughtful guidance for integrating online educational principles and practices into the digital classroom. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to foster meaningful connections, uphold values, and deliver quality education in the increasingly remote landscape of higher education.                                                                       

Dr. Mark Hausfeld

Author, Professor, Missionary

Past President of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary


I hope that the "Remotely Close" classroom becomes the default posture of Christian online educational delivery systems.    Dr. Earl Creps

Author & Professor

The ability to create community, establish a culture, and engage in relationships will separate schools that do online education well from those that do not. Dr. Day offers practical insight and research-based evidence on how an online intuition can accomplish these tasks while remaining academically strong and true to the institution’s values. The research and methodology presented will help one make their online educational program both engaging and life-giving for the student, the faculty, and the institution. Dr. Day is a proven leader in this field, and this book will reflect his understanding of and passion for online education.          

Dr. Andrew Templeton

Director of Online Education

Northpoint Bible College and Seminary

Poorly designed and executed online programs rob students of an essential element of education: relationships. Dr. Daniel Day's Remotely Close provides proven and effective solutions to allow students and instructors to have dynamically relational learning experiences even when not physically close.                                                                                             

Dr. Alan Ehler

Lead Pastor, Professor, and Former Academic Dean

Dr. Daniel Day’s work on remote learning comes at exactly the right moment in Church history. With the Great (Pastoral) Resignation now emptying pulpits across the nation, online ministry training becomes a critical tool for restoring the strength of America’s churches. I highly recommend it!                                                                                                            

Dr. Bill Hennessy

Lead Pastor Life360 All Nations

Life360 Executive Director of Operations

Online Educator


Remotely Close provides valuable insight into the challenges and experiences of online education. This book reveals the crucial role of social integration in ensuring academic success and satisfaction in online learning for both students and professors. It is essential reading for anyone navigating the world of virtual education.                                                                 

Dr. Meredith James                                                                                                   

Ministry Leadership Educator

This book is a home run! A veritable Spring-Training for every online educator in America today!

David & Jason Benham (THE BENHAM BROTHERS)                                                     

Acclaimed Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Former MLB Baseball Players


Daniel's book is a recipe for successful Christian online education. The perfect mix of practical insight and high-level research.                                

Anne F. Beiler,

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Company, Founder